My Story: From Humble Beginnings

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Hello and welcome to Little Minx Training & Treatments, where every brushstroke and beauty treatment tells a story – my story.

My journey in the beauty world began with a spark – a passion for learning and mastering the art of beauty. It was 2013, and like any great adventure, it started with a single step: eyelash treatments. My client list grew as quickly as lashes on a well-nurtured eye! I absolutely loved every moment, thriving on the joy and confidence each set of lashes brought to my clients.

But why stop at lashes? My curiosity and passion led me to other lash treatments, constantly seeking to enhance my skills. After 2 fun-filled years, I ventured into facial treatments and various other beauty treatments. It was like opening a treasure chest of endless possibilities!

As my business expanded, so did my dreams. In 2019, armed with my AET Level 3 Award, I took a leap into the world of beauty education. There’s a unique kind of joy in sharing knowledge, especially something you’re deeply passionate about. I became not just a practitioner but a mentor, guiding others to find their path in this glittering industry.

Today, Little Minx is more than just a business. It’s a platform where I get to share my passion and expertise through both online and classroom courses. Every lesson is a page from my journey, every student a part of this ongoing beautiful story.

So, here we are! Whether you’re just starting or looking to expand your beauty skills, you’re not just attending a course; you’re becoming a part of a story – a journey of passion, learning, and lots of beauty. Let’s make your chapter just as memorable! 🌟💄

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